How we created a self-service apparel design tool for Australia’s largest blank label apparel wholesaler

About the Project

Ramo had been creating bespoke blank label products for their customers via phone and email orders for a long time.  In order to stay ahead of increasingly tech-savvy competition, and to streamline time consuming sales and fulfillment workflows, Ramo engaged Blueberry to deliver an innovative, interactive and scaleable online solution which would allow their customers and re-seller network to create their own bespoke garments.

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What we did

To begin we created proof-of-concept prototype assets for some of the most complicated and configurable products which Ramo had available.  This allowed the business team to quickly test how various configurations would behave and assess suitability of the new Technology with Ramo’s reseller network.

Once the prototype functionality was completed we created an effective and scalable content management system.  A wide range of business rules were created to account for the range of Design, Artwork, Fabric and Manufacturing options and importantly to provide a friendly and maintainable Admin experience given the myriad of new product configurations users would now be able to create.

From there we wrapped a simple e-Commerce style shop around the design functionality and, given the complicated pricing rules for ordering custom products we integrated with Sendgrid for fast and effective email delivery so that Sales staff could receive order submissions and contact clients to price and deliver jobs.  We are currently working to deliver an e-Commerce checkout solution.

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Any other magic?

Ramo had tried to create this kind of functionality before but was unsuccessful due to the approach taken by previous Technology partners.  By electing to use flat product images there was an exceptional amount of Administration required to extend or change any product and the project was de-commissioned with that Provider.

Instead, Blueberry created a suite of product assets where each configurable component was treated as separate layers within an SVG file.  This way, Ramo could maintain a single range of colours and patterns for each fabric which would automatically feed into each product according to the configuration options the user selected when designing their new product.  This meant that Ramo could create and Administer their product once, and still allow users to create thousands of different and dynamic designs each time.

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  • Amazon Web Services (RDS, S3, Fargate)
  • Contentful
  • Sendgrid

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