How we used integrated large volumes of data to automate operations and provide industry-leading analytics

About the Project

In an industry where too many organisations run antiquated, bloated operations, Dash ATM wanted to be different; it sought to be equally lean and innovative. Paul Wrigley, General Manager for Dash ATM, had a vision of running a leading ATM provider that was a full evolution ahead of the organisations he had his former years at learning the ropes. He sought to embed technology at the core of ‘everything’ and identified Blueberry as the partner to enable his vision.

What we did

Working with Paul and his team, we conducted a wide-ranging review and found that, while the ATM industry is packed full of data, it was doing little to draw out insights and automate operations. The average ATM provider was using a high number of human resource to handle invoicing complexity & volume, ATM support services and sales, with many of these operations consisting of highly repeatable processes. Blueberry established technological strategic plan and supporting roadmap and as its first goal it focused on automating operations with a focus on achieving fully-automated invoicing.

In order to automate invoicing, we implemented an Amazon Web Service-powered data lake and transactional warehouse to capture the numerous bank and switch data feeds. These feeds were managed using a Kinesis stream through a series of transformational micro-services into Amazon S3, Amazon RDS (a cloud-hosted relational database) and into Amazon Redshift. In addition, the ATM terminal monitoring software logs were pumped into the platform. These foundational services enabled Dash ATM to become a data-driven organisation.

To support the complexities of ATM invoicing and rebating, a sophisticated contract model was implemented within the organisation’s CRM, Salesforce. When paired with the transactional warehouse, we were able to deliver the much-vaunted automated invoicing. Every month, after a review and approval process, invoices are dispatched automatically to customers with funds transferred using a file upload to internet banking.

Any other magic?

Since the platform’s launch, a number of additional projects have been completed. We’ve stood up the Salesforce Sales and Service clouds, leveraging industry-leading capabilities to power field agent maintenance, better support enquiries & faults and improve opportunity tracking. Much of the ATM industry works on fixed-term contracts and using Salesforce to track when an opportunity under a competitor’s contract is nearing renewal has dramatically improved conversion rates. One of the solutions we are most proud of is the ‘customers insight suite’.  Dash ATM provides insights for its customers to help them get the most out of their ATM and gain insights into their own businesses. Insights such as when a merchant will next need to cash their ATM and how much they should deposit, to what are the high volume periods in their business and how does this correlate to withdrawal size. This value-add has become an important tool for many of Dash ATM’s merchants and has helped improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.


  • Salesforce: Service Cloud, Sales Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services: RDS, S3, SNS, SES, Redshift, Lambda, Athena, Kinesis, QuickSight
  • Microsoft Power BI